Vortex Variable Vectograph
1060 - GemT Polarized Variable Vectograph
Polarized Variable Vectograph Vision Therapy System for Vision Training

Improve your patients' vision therapy outcomes using the new home reinforcement Vision Therapy System.
Stereopsis depth of 700 seconds of arc
16 diopter range for Base-In (Divergence) Training
24 diopter range for Base-Out (Convergence) Training
Total accommodation range of 40 diopters
New improved Vecto Guides
Now includes Therapy Binder
Now includes doctor and patient instruction manuals
Now includes Patient Vision Therapy Record Form
Includes Standard Polarized Viewers
Included in the 1070-PL - Binocular Vision Dysfunction Diagnostic & Treatment SystemT

"First in a series of New Polarized Variable Vectographs.MORE NEW VECTOGRAPHS TO COME.

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