Acrobat 3-in-1 Desktop Video Magnifier – Short Arm
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  • Can be connected to either a TV or computer monitor
  • Auto focus 3-in-1 camera
  • For Self viewing, seeing yourself up close, Reading and Writing, Distance viewing
  • Memory settings for each camera position
  • 340 degree camera positioning for maximum flexibility : painting, watch repairing etc.
  • 19 “ or 22 “ monitors provide up to 75x adjustable magnification
  • 7 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
  • Wrap around dual keypad allows easy access to controls
  • Laptop  compatible (Additional converter required)
  • X-Y table for easy movement of reading material under the camera
  • Line markers, object locator, remote control and more…
  • 1 year Warranty
Acrobat Port
acrobat port
AcrobatPort brings flexibility and portability together in one product. This self contained, battery-operated system offers optimal portability and ease of use and comfort. No matter where you are, you can view magnified images by simply wearing the electronic glasses and pointing the camera.
  • Auto-Focus
  • Detachable Camera
  • Automatic Memory
  • Four (4) Ounce Glasses
  • Seven (7) Viewing Modes
  • 340-Degree Rotating Base
  • Self Leveling Adjustable Arm
  • Connect with any TV in seconds
  • Four (4) hour battery operated system
  • Computer Compatible (optional software needed)
  • Lightweight electronic glasses with built-in screens
  • Up to 72x Magnification (may vary with display size)
  • 3-in-1 Camera: Self-Viewing, Distance Viewing, Near Viewing
  • Soft and durable carrying case included
  • One (1) year limited warranty
Acrobat Accessories
acrobat XY table
Acrobat XY Table
The Acrobat with the X-Y Table makes it easy to read and write. The X-Y table allows for a smooth transition from one line to the next. This easy to use table enables you to control the speed to which you are comfortable. This combination is perfect for home, school or office use.
acrobat carrying case
Carrying Case
Use the soft and durable Carrying Case for easy transportation of the Acrobat product line. The Carrying Case is specially designed to protect each component from any damage while in transit. This durable Carrying Case provides increased protection for any external changes.
acrobat battery
Get extra batteries for longer reading time or replace your old batteries. Each rechargeable battery is good for 5 hours of continuous usage.
panel battery
Panel Battery
Get an extra panel battery for longer reading time or replace your old batteries. Each rechargeable battery is good for ____ hours of continuous usage.
acrobat USB
USB Smart Video Adaptor
Use the USB Smart Video Adaptor to connect the Acrobat to a laptop. The USB Adaptor will allow you to enjoy all the Acrobat features on a laptop computer.
acrobat smart video adapter
Smart Video Adaptor
Use the Smart Video Adaptor to connect the Acrobat to a computer. With accessories like these you can enjoy all the Acrobat features on a computer.
acrobat weight base
Weighted Base
Add the Acrobat's weighted base for use on any type of surface. The weighted base allows for maximum portability of the Acrobat.
Mini X-Y Table
The Mini X-Y Table allows you to easily move reading / writing material underneath the camera .
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