Standardized ETDRS - ESV-3000
The ESV-3000 ETDRS testing device has patented (Patent # 5,078,486) self-calibrated test lighting. The ESV-3000 device incorporates highly advanced LED light source technology. The auto-calibration circuitry constantly monitors the LED light source and calibrates the test luminance to 85 cd/m2 or 3 cd/m2. Other ETDRS testers are not standardized and have no circuitry to control the test lighting. They use "off-the-shelf" non-standardized fluorescent bulbs that require a bulb "burn-in" period. The bulbs must be constantly replaced and each time a bulb is replaced, there is an additional "burn-in" period. No testing can be accomplished during the "burn-in" period.
ESV-3000 Standardized ETDRS Viewer
The ESV-3000 is designed specifically for clinical trials where large-format ETDRS testing (up to 20/200) is performed at 4 meters. Unlike other large-format back-lit devices for ETDRS evaluation, the ESV-3000 light level is calibrated and held constant, ensuring the automatic replication of testing light levels from different clinical trials locations as well as for evaluation before and after treatment. A wide variety of ETDRS LogMAR tests are available, including Chart R, Chart 1, Chart 2, Tumbling E and many others.
The CSV-1000ETDRS allows standardized testing of ETDRS acuity at 85 cd/m2, the light level recommended by the FDA for vision testing. Many tests are available, including ETDRS Chart R, Chart 1 and Chart 2.
CSV-1000LH Symbol
The test is also widely used for the evaluation of children.
The CSV-1000LH is in the ETDRS format.
The CSV-1000TumE test face provides a LogMAR test which presents the Letter E in various orientations.
The CSV- 1000LanC test face provides a LogMAR test which presents the Landolt C in various orientations.
The CSV- 1000HOTV test face provides a LogMAR test This test is very useful for evaluating children or patients which commonly reverse the appearance of objects. These letters were chosen because all are symmetric along the vertical axis.
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