Low Contrast Acuity Tests
Low contrast acuity testing measures both sizes and contrast as a result provides additional evaluation of the functional vision performance. Low contrast acuity tests assist assessment of  vision in patients with diseases, including cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.  With the growing popularity of refractive laser surgery and importance of pre-and post-operative assessment, low contrast acuity is a recommended test.

6- contrast variation from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 12.5% and 6.25% can be performed in combination with masks, Red-Green filter and special charts. LC-33’s single-key contrast variation makes examination easier and fast.

LC-33’s enhanced feature of “Low Contrast Visual Acuity” and “Pediatric Masks” makes refraction more accurate, fast and easy for you and your patients...
Sharp High-Contrast Optotypes
Superior and reliable electro-optical system provides consistent illumination levels, high contrast, sharp optotypes. With reference to patients eye position from the screen, ACP-267, LC-33, Ax-375 multiple lens system facilitates adjustment of proper optotype size within the range of 10 - 20 ft.
Unlimited Refraction Options
  • LC-33’s 5x4 matrix provides more optotypes per chart hence few chart changes are required
  • 4 – Letter charts
  • 4- Snellen “E” charts
  • 4 – Pediatric charts
  • 3 – Numbers charts
  • 3 – Landolt “C” chart
  • 5 – Horizontal masks
  • 4 – Vertical masks
  • 3 – Horizontal masks for pediatric pictographs
  • 1 – Red- Green filter for appropriate charts
  • 8 -  Special charts : Astigmatism, Cross Cylinder, Fixation Dot, Vertical Coincidence, Phoria, Phoria with Fixation, Worth (Red-Green) and Polarized Double Field.
  • 6 -  Contrast levels : 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 12.5% & 6.25%
Increase Examination Accuracy
Using masking option you can isolate horizontal and vertical lines. LC-33’s unique pictograph masking of pediatric charts facilitates precise measurement of children’s visual acuity.  5 horizontal provide numerous refraction options.
minimize Chair Time
Personalize your testing sequence for quick and effective examination by programming your tests using different charts plus masks, red-green filter, low contrast levels and special charts. Program sequence can be called-up by presenting P! or P2 and the test performed by UP or DOWN keys. 2 sets of 40-steps sequence can be programmed.
Red-Green Filter
For spherical power verification, test applicable to appropriate charts.
Infrared Remote Control
Ergonomically designed lightweight compact remote control. Keypads designed for fast and efficient operation. Logically arranged keys provide fingertip control for easy selection of charts, masks, red-green filter, low contrast tests and special charts.
Halogen Lamp Protection
“Nap” and “Sleep” mode enhance lamp life. After 3 idle minutes, LC-33 automatically goes to lamp stand by “nap” mode and 7 minutes later if the unit remains idle LC-33 goes to auto-power saving “Sleep” mode.  To maintain consistent illumination level during tests and further enhance lamp life, LC-33 has an inbuilt, wide input range power supply from 100-240 V AC.
Add LC-33 to your refraction system…
And enhance your visual acuity testing capabilities.
Lc-33 Specifications
Projection magnification : 33x
Projection distance : 10-20 ft. (3-6.1 m)
Charts : 25
Chart selection speed : 0.3 sec / chart
Mask : 1 open
5 Horizontal
4 Vertical
3 Horizontal for pediatric pictographs
Color filter : Red-Green
Low contrast filter : 6:100%, 75%, 50%, 5%, 12.5% & 6.25%
Programmed test sequence : 2 program options each of  40 chart sequences.
Angle of inclination : +/-10 degrees
Lamp : 12V /20 W halogen
Auto-lamp turn-off : 3 minutes
Auto-power turn-off : 10 minutes
Operating voltage : From 100-240 V AC /50-60 Hz
Power consumption : 50 VA
Safety class : Medical safety standards IEC 60601 -1 and UL 2601-1
Dimensions HxWxL : 7.3” x 7.7” x 13.4” (185mm x 340mm)
Weight : 9 lbs. (4 kg.)
Remote Controller
  • 26 keys remote funcations
  • 5-Chart type selection key(Letter,Snellen E,Pediatric,Number,Landolt C)
  • 8-Special chart selection key(Astigmatism,Cross Cylinder,Fixation Dot,Phoria,Phoria  with Fixation,Worth(Red-Green),Vertical Coincidence and Polarized Double Field.
  • 2-Chart UP/DOWN keys
  • 2-Horizontal mask UP/DOWN keys
  • 2-Vertical mask LEFT/RIGHT keys
  • 1-Red-Green filter selection key
  • 1-Low contrast variation key (100%,75%,50%,25%,12.5% and 6.25%)
  • 2-Program activation p1/p2 keys ,40 setps each
  • 1-Programming SET key
  • 1-Lamp Stand-by activation key
  • 1-Power On/Off key
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