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The CSV-lOOOCVA test face is used to evaluate both low contrast acuity and contrast sensitivity. Three contrast levels (high, 25% and 12.5%) of LogMAR acuity (20/16 to 20/100) are presented on the test face as well as the two spatial frequencies of 6 and 12 cycles/degree.

This test is most widely used for cataract documentation because eye doctors can document cataract vision loss with both types of tests. When using the low contrast acuity portion of the test for evaluating cataract patients, the 12.5% contrast level is recommended.
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The CSV-lOOOETDRS10% test face presents the standard ETDRS test at a contrast level of 10%. This test is widely used in clinical studies for the evaluation of refractive surgery and contact lenses.
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The CSV- lOOOLanC 10% test face is a LogMAR acuity test which uses the Landolt C in various orientations for the test targets.

The targets are presented at 10% contrast. The test is very useful for evaluating the low contrast acuity of illiterate or non-English speaking patients.
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The CSV-lOOOCVA20/30 test face provides three contrast levels (high, 9.5 % and 6%) of LogMAR acuity from 20/16 to 20/100.

Patients should have 20/30 or better vision to be evaluated with this test face. If patient vision is worse than 20/30 visual acuity, use of the CSV-lOOOCVA or CSV-lOOOETDRS 10% is recommended for testing.
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