(Recommended test distance is 1 meter for these tests)

The CSV-lOOOLV is designed for evaluating patients who have worse than 20/70 acuity. At a test distance of 1 Meter, the letter size is equivalent to 20/630 ETDRS LogMAR acuity.

The unique design of the CSV-lOOOLV matches the visual capability of low vision patients and provides for a more sensitive and reliable test.

The test is very fast because of the specific contrast levels chosen for the test and because row isolation eliminates the fixation problems encountered with other tests.

Two versions of the test are available, the CSV-1000LV-V and the CSV-1000LV-C. Both tests use the same contrast levels, but present different letters. The CSV-1000LV-C is shown on the floor stand.
CSV-1000-1.5 cpd
The CSV-1000-1.5cpd is a special test face designed for low vision evaluation by testing one spatial frequency using a very large field size.

At the 8 foot test distance, the test presents 1.5 cycles/degree and at the 4 foot test distance the test presents 0.75 cycles/degree.
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