The Odyssey Parasol, Visability Different
Easy to Insert
The Parasol's hollow nose collapse on insertion, eliminating the need for punctual dialation in most cases. It's easier on you and more comfortable to your patients.
Simple Sizing
Two sizes (small and medium) fit virtually all patients
Excellent Retention
Parasol is specifically designed for excellent retention up with a no-nonsense pop-out gurantee.
Permanent Occlusion
Sterile Pre-Loaded : Odyssey's Patented Parasol Occluder
Sterile Quick-Load : Sterile Convenience with bulk economy
Non-Sterile Bulk : Occluders supplied non sterile bulk pack
Temporary Occlusion
Extended Absorbale Synthetic Implants : Occlusion for up to 3 months, for patients with short-term dry Symptoms and surgery-related dry eye.
Temporary Collagen Implants: Dissolve fully with in 7-10 days. Implants swell 2-3 times their original size upon insertion.
Dry Eyes Diagostics
Zone Quick, Diagnostic Threads
Measure amount of tear production.
Color changes from yellow to red.
Tear Flo Test Strip
Also used to measure the prodution of tears.
Bioglo Fluorescein Strips
Used to show defects or abrasions in the corneal epithelium.
Lissamine Green Strips
Strains the cornea blue, providing immediate indication of dry patches, as well as muco-deficient or damaged corneal cells. A white or blue light may be used on the slit lamp during detection.
Lissamine Green Strips    Size Comparison Chart
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